The Grasshopper Trials Challenge

The Grasshopper Trials Challenge

Great fun for Austin Sevens (Standard to Specials)

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The Grasshopper Challenge series comprises of up to eight mainly single site trials events per year. The events are scattered across the country giving a chance for all competitors, wherever they live, to tackle at least some trials motoring.

The events are suitable for all types of Austin Seven (including standard ones) and provide a pleasant and very user friendly introduction to trialling. The emphasis is on a fun day out with the opportunity to test your driving skills and see if you can improve throughout the day.

Most of the events do not involve any road mileage. Entries for the trials will typically close one week before the date of the event. However, organisers appreciate receiving entries in good time.

Championship Scoring

The scoring for the Challenge is based upon merit. A standard car has as equal chance of winning as does a trial's special. The scores for each event are:

  • Class win: 3 points + 1 point for starting = 4
  • Class 2nd: 2 points + 1 point for starting = 3
  • Class 3rd: 1 point + 1 point for starting = 2
  • All starters: 1 point

A maximum of four scores count towards the Challenge.

The Challenge is open to all members of the Pre-War Austin Seven Club and the 750 Motor Club competing in Austin Sevens with Austin Seven engines. Registration is free; please indicating whether or not your Austin Seven is standard.

All participants are invited to the PWA7C's Motor Sport Section awards day in January.

Car Preparation

There are some basic safety preparations that need to be completed before your first trial. These include; securing the battery, installing a second throttle return spring, fitting a fire extinguisher (1.75 litre minimum capacity) and carrying a spill kit (see Holden Vintage & Classic or Demon Tweeks).

In addition, a tyre pressure gauge and foot pump will be useful.

Other Austin Seven Trials

The following events are organised by the 750 Motor Club Tunbridge Wells Centre:

Date Event Location Entries
March 9th Thistle Trial Trial Owletts Field, London Road, Hildenborough, Kent The Thistle Trial has been cancelled due to waterlogged ground

This list will be updated with other trials that may be of interest to Austin Seven competitors.

Fancy a go?

The PWA7C Lincs. Group have built a trials car. It is available to loan to members of the PWA7C.
For details click here.