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Fitting window springs

Author: Ian Wall

When I bought my box saloon, three years ago, it was fitted with a small rubber wedge in the nearside window, to prevent it from working open. I thought it could be standard as my Ruby had a similar one 60 years ago. When I discovered that new window springs were available I bought one and decided to fit it. On removing the door panel, three more wedges were found inside, showing that this had been the situation for a while.

Now fitting the new spring looks a bit of a daunting task, being a very powerful spring, but a bit of thought and an extra pair of hands saw it in place in a very short time. The original was removed by simply levering it off with a large screwdriver, not such a good idea as it shot off like a bullet, luckily missing me and anything of importance. I should have taken precautions before removing it. Some thought was then given to fixing the new one. It was put in place and a cramp placed over it so could not make a bid for freedom. Then the end was grasped with a Mole wrench (other brands will work) and just pulled onto its stop, punching it over the stop bracket with a screwdriver.

The biggest job was removing and refitting the door panel. The bottom half of which was nailed to the frame (I replaced it with screws) and the fact that the top, metal trims of the doors, which are handed had been fixed on the wrong doors by the previous person to fit them. This meant that the door pulls could not be screwed to the metal frame but only to the ply panel. They are now in their correct positions. All that is needed now is a good run to see if the window stays where it should.

Pictures: 1. Original setup 2. Old and new springs 3. Collection of wedges 4. Clamp in place prior to pulling spring into position. Just to be clear, the wedges did not work, just as they did not in 1959.

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Original setup Old and new springs Collection of wedges  Clamp in place prior to pulling spring into position

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