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Coupled brake attachment

Author: Roger Bugg

I recently purchased an RK saloon that was probably built in January 1930 and first registered in March 1930. It was almost complete but had not been on the road for many years. When I removed the body I found that it had been fitted with a coupled brake attachment. This consisted of two plates clamped to the foot brake cross shaft to form a lever. At the lower end a swivel was bolted. This attached to a cable. The ends of the cable were clamped to the near and off sides of the handbrake cable. The handbrake and its cable operated in the usual way. Obviously application of the footbrake also pulled on the hand brake cable and provided braking force to all four brakes.

I have not yet discovered any manufacturer's details but the whole thing looks as if it was a commercially made product. I wonder if anyone has seen another one like it? There were contemporary advertisements for 'Bodelo' coupled brake attachments but the illustration does not seem to match this version.

The car was also fitted with a sunshine roof in the factory. The roof timbers were designed to provide an aperture for the sliding panel and were available factory fitted as a £5-0-0d extra, according the Purves Source Book.

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Coupled brake attachment

Coupled brake attachment

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